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Photos of our Reunion Event are available below. First, however, please read a short note from Brian regarding the boat ride and picnic and life in general:

Dear Classmates and Friends,

 Yesterday (Saturday 7/14/18) was our Avondale picnic, there weren't enough people there for a picnic, it was more like just a "nic". After I got over the initial shock on the lack of 76'ers, we all had a great time. The 77'ers were well represented. It turned into more like an entertaining intimate dinner party, outside at a beautiful and vast Metro Park.

Wanda was excited to take the helm of the boat. We also had much fun with the old Waukegan Journals and Steve's old Varsity Jacket and track shirt. Dave looked like he could still run a 440 ! Very happy my Mom was able to attend.

These events are all about the energy and excitement level of the group, which seems to be waning, so I'm planning on sticking to my plan and taking a few years off, til our 50th reunion on August 1, 2026. That does leave it open to others to plan our 45th. 

Don't worry about me, I'll be planning some unique events, like the Avondale Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and a possible Boys' Club reunion next year and babysitting the grandkids and walking to and fro.

Love, Cheech

To view a map of Kensington Metropark, Click HERE.



The "driving" force behind our Reunion Boat Ride and Picnic at Kensington Metropark was "Captain" Wanda pictured here driving the boat !


A Reunion would not be complete without our CFO, COO and Master of Ceremonies, Brian. He has stuck by the weighty task of organizing all of our Class Reunion events since before I joined the Reunion Committee for our 25th Reunion. Without his leadership, guidance and most importantly perserverance, the Reunion Events would not have suceeded well beyond what most other Avondale Class' could only hope to achieve. Thanks Cheech!!


The first order of business at the Reunion was a ride on the Kensington Metropark's boat the Island Queen. In the first photo on the left , pictured from left to right are Jennifer Ferguson (Miller), Steve Becker (Class of '77), Linda Churchill, Wanda van den Ende, Brian Churchill and Dave Bland and his wife Karen. The second pic is Jennifer who had her back to the camera in the first photo. The third pic is an unobstructed view of Steve Becker from the Class of '77. The fourth pic is Linda Churchill on the left and next to her is our "Suprise Guest", his mother Dorothy.



We were fortunate to have two gentlemen from the Metroparks who were very knowledgable about the park and Kent Lake. On the way around the lake we passed by the beach, the stopped to look at the lilly pad flowers.We also got a rare opportunity to view an American Bald Eagles nest with an eagle perched on one of the tree branches holding a fish that it caught. Look closely at the photo above right. See it? If not then check out the larger photo below  


Look at the center of the photo. Still having difficulty seeing the eagle? Then check out the next photo.


The young eagle does not fully attain it's trademark whtie head, breast and lighter color brown feathers until it reaches four years of age.




After the boat ride we met at our reserved picnic shelter for lunch In the first pic on the left classmate Jennifer Ferguston (Miller) looks over a now vintage copy of the Waukegan Journal. In the second pic classmate Jim Saunders tries to call Jo Angelos to deliver a pizza??!! In the third pic Jennifer, Brian, Dave and his wife Karen look at another Waukegan Journal while Mrs. Churchill sits across from them.




Even though attendance at the event was minimal, we were pleased to welcome other Avondale Class' graduates to the event.